Bae Doo Na’s Hollywood Actress-like Nature

2011-09-17 05:48:09 2014-05-05 23:17:33

On September 6, actress Bae Doo Na was seen walking around famed Seoul Apgujeong District like a Hollywood actress (she’ll be one soon by the way!).

She got out of her car to head into a hair salon. After a short time, she came out with a small shopping bag in hand.

One word to describe her style for the day: chic. Wearing a white boxy t-shirt and a striped skirt, she looked like she didn’t spent any time on her outfit. She paired her casual attire with a white square bag.

Bae Doo Na’s bare face and hair are what really made her stand out. Her skin was radiant and smooth looking, and her hair shone in the sun. The slightly ruffled hair and clean face gave her an effortless look. How hard is it to just walk out of your house with nothing on your face?

As she walked around outside, she was a free spirit. With an expressionless face, she went about doing her own things even though people recognized her on the streets. It seemed as if she was used to walking around alone. She was different in the sense that she drove and walked around by herself.

She will be leaving for Berlin soon for her next movie “Cloud Atlas” by the Wachowski Brothers, leaving Korea for another world. We will cheer you on Doo Na, Hwaiting!