Cha Seung Won Works with Ermenegildo Zegna

2011-09-17 12:56:20 2011-09-17 05:56:22

The charismatic and talented actor Cha Seung Won was chosen as the Korean representative of the Italian fashion brand Ermenegildo Zegna during its celebration. It celebrated its 20th year in the Chinese fashion market and held various exhibitions and fashion shows in the Beijing Art Today Museum on September 15. Many Chinese celebrities were also present during the celebration, for example the world famous actress Ziyi Zhang.

Cha Seung Won earned great popularity recently in Korea because of his role in MBC’s “The Greatest Love”. The popularity of the series and its influence even spread to the borders of China, making Cha Seung Won very popular in China and beyond.

This high-end luxury brand still follows its 100-years during tradition of production, making its designs more distinct and valuable. Cha Seung Won expressed his appreciation and gratitude by saying, “I feel so honored that I can work together with such a sophisticated brand, which has a history of 100 years. I do feel a lot of pressure, but I expect the best of it.”

One of the highlights of the exhibitions focused on this history and was called “A Century of Excellence”, showing the 100 years Italian tradition of craftsmanship, industrial significance, style and art.