Lee Seung Gi Holds Successful Fan Meeting in Japan

2011-09-17 22:01:01 2011-09-17 15:01:02

After 1 year and 3 months, singer Lee Seung Gi reunited with his Japanese fans on September 16 for his Japan fan meeting.

On this day, Lee Seung Gi stood in the heat of 2,500 fans as he sang the title song of his 4th album “Love Teaches Alcohol.” After the song, he revealed, “I spent my Chuseok holidays recording for my upcoming 5th album and I even participated in composing lyrics, so you can anticipate it.”

He continued on in saying, “Chuseok is an important time to spend with family but I’m able to spend this valuable time with family, so I believe that we’re family,” earning a loud cheer from the crowd.

He also said, “I was extremely sad in seeing the news” when speaking about the fans in Japan who faced the earthquake in Japan.

Meanwhile on this day, Lee Seung Gi sang his hit songs at the concert, such as “Will You Marry Me.”