miss A’s Min, Suzy and f(x)’s Amber Hang Out in LA

2011-09-17 10:27:10 2011-09-17 03:27:11

The members of miss A and f(x) recently headed over to Los Angeles, California to participate as judges in the “K-Pop Cover Dance Competition.” During their visit there, they took some friendly photos together of their stay, which Min shared on her Twitter.

The five photos have various captions like “Min and Suzy at Glendale,” Sparkling Bae Suzy,” “Melrose,” and “Taken by the future Photographer SC,” and the pictures all show the girls enjoying themselves in various locations. 

The obligatory victory sign is thrown up in most of the pictures, and fans were definitely charmed to see their favorite two groups interacting so closely with one another. 

Fans commented, “Beautiful girls,” “Looks like a friendship photoshoot,” “Adorable ladies,” and “Why are you guys so cute!”