Dynamic Duo’s Scary Experience With IU

2011-09-18 02:38:11 2011-09-17 19:38:12

Famous hip-hop stars Choiza and Gaeko of Dynamic Duo were the guests on last week’s episode of MBC’sGolden FisheryRadio Star,” where they revealed their “scary” encounter with singer IU when they were serving time in the army.

 Dynamic Duo started off their story by saying that “IU came one day to perform for the military personnel and… It was really scary.” Their reason for this was that, as stated in Choiza’s words, “the soldiers just flocked towards the front of the stage with their arms raised- like zombies in ‘Dawn of the Dead.’” This comment was followed by a burst of laughter although both the members of Dynamic Duo were quite serious about their encounter.

Furthermore, they stated that “When IU performed her song ‘Marshmallow’, all the soldiers were chanting ‘marshmallow’- we never realized how horrific that word could sound until that day.”

This episode of Radio Star not only starred Choiza and Gaeko, but also had Boom, who was fresh out of the army and along with Dynamic Duo offered non-stop laughter throughout the broadcast.