Jo Kwon Reveals "All My Love" Last Shooting Episode

2011-09-18 17:02:56 2011-09-18 10:02:56

Big Hit Entertainment released a video titled “2AM JoKwon All My Love Last Shooting Episode” on their YouTube channel recently.

The leader of 2AM was part of the cast in MBC daily sitcom “All My Love.” The final episode was aired on last Friday. In the footage, we can see Jo Kwon rehearsing his line while doing his make-up. He also moves to different sets in the MBC studio for recording. He ended the recording by thanking all the actors and staff members for the job well done.


After that he tweeted a few pictures taken with “All My Love” casts and crew. In his tweet he wrote, “Thank you to all who have been watching ‘All My Love’ all this while… ^^” to audiences that watched the sitcom. 

Then he watched the final episode to monitor his performances and tweeted about it: “While practicing you just have to watch it right after.  There are lots of regrets despite of my lack in acting skill. Thank you so much for watching and cheering us on. I will work harder.” 

“All My Love” will be replaced by sitcom “High Kick 3″ starting from September 19.