Kim So Eun’s Sportive Look

2011-09-18 01:13:48 2011-09-17 18:13:49

The beautiful actress Kim So Eun is rocking her new jogging-look with stylish hotpants for her current role in the MBC drama “Thousand Kisses.”

Kim So Eun plays the role of Uh Joo Mi and the girlfriend of Jang Uh Jin (played by the actor Ryu Jin). She jogs everyday along the Han river and eventually meets Uh Jin, whom she starts a beautiful romance with.

Her new sportive look fits well with the bright, casual and playful character of her role. She started her first episode wearing an off-white set of hotpants and sweater, looking bright and fresh. In the third episode, she was wearing white tulip shaped hotpants with a contrasting fluorescent yellow jacket. In the recent (seventh) episode, she showed off her feminine side with a cute set with a pink flower pattern.

Kim So Eun looks very comfortable with her new style and says, “I like wearing comfortable clothing, so it was very convenient for me that I had to wear sports clothing for my character role. However, as Joo Mi now has met Uh Jin, there won’t be a lot of jogging scenes anymore, the focus will be on their romance now. I will miss my comfortable clothing.”