Lee Hyo Ri: “I Guess There Is No Better Soju Model Than Me”

2011-09-18 16:06:01 2011-09-18 09:06:02

Lee Hyo Ri revealed her admirable charm while working as a soju model.

On KBS 2TV “Entertainment Weekly,” which aired on Sept. 17, went and visited Lee Hyo Ri on the set of her soju advertisement shoot. Being the model for the same soju brand for several years, that day, Lee Hyo Ri wore a purple off-the-shoulder one-piece dress, showing off her sexy charm. 

Lee Hyo Ri expressed, “It is actually quite embarrassing doing it (advertising) for so long. But I guess they can’t find anyone as good as me,” bringing up a pleasant atmosphere with her unique eye-smile. 

While taking a rest from singing, Lee Hyo Ri has recently earned the nickname of “volunteer girl.” She talked about how she has started volunteering for animal protection and her unconditional love for her pets. Even at the shoot that day she showed a lot of affection towards her pet dog, Soonshim, who she brought along with her.

She went on to mention, “Because we go to sets together a lot, Soonshim now likes the cameras,” while also boasting about how well-mannered and patient Soonshim is.

Currently, Lee Hyo Ri is studying music writing as well as learning how to play the guitar. She revealed that she is planning to release her next album sometime next year.