Soo Hyun Apologises After U-KISS Producer Disses Kara

2011-09-18 19:58:36 2014-05-05 23:16:56

U-KISS‘s leader Soo Hyun apologised after his producer dissed Kara on his twitter on September 17. The producer, Ryan Jhun, from the Marcan Entertainment wrote: “not fair K.A.R.A ?? Why?? Are they singer??! Or dancers??? Hahaha” after the female group made their come back with the new song “Step”. Kara’s fans answered rudely to the producer and he started answering with more offensive comments about the girl group. 

On September 18, U-KISS leader posted his apology on his twitter, “It is all my fault. To be honest, I heard the news just now. I apologise to Kara and to every Kara fan.” He also posted, “Please everybody calm down now and I promise there will not be anymore issue like this. I am sorry. I am sorry. Also I ask our fanclub Kiss Me to stop. I am sorry.”

Even if Soo Hyun apologised, Kara fans did not stop dissing him and this provoked a twitter fight between Kara fans and U-KISS fans that were concerned about why Soo Hyun had to apologise if he did not do anything. Soo Hyun posted again, “It is about U-Kiss and I am U-KISS’s leader. If someone did something wrong it is also my fault.”

Even Ryan Jhun the same day apologised on his twitter with the following text, “It is all my fault. So could you please stop dissing our U-KISS members? This will not happen again.”