Super Junior’s Yesung Reveals Baby Picture

2011-09-18 13:38:54 2011-09-18 06:38:54

The popular boy group Super Junior’s Yesung recently revealed a very cute baby picture of himself.

On September 18, Yesung tweeted, “I think I was more handsome when I was a baby” and uploaded his baby picture alongside his tweet.

The baby picture reveals that Yesung has not changed much since then. His bright eyes and other facial features are pretty much the same. Yesung enjoyed the spotlights even when he was a little baby, looking straight forward into the camera, posing with his cute little toy.

Netizens praised his photo by commenting, “It seems that you have not changed much since then” “Your looks were superior even when you were a little baby” “Your expression is so cute” and “Even then you knew how to work with the camera.”

Do you think he has changed much?