BEAST Holds "Promise Event" For 5,000 Fans in Japan

2011-09-19 22:32:01 2011-09-19 15:32:01

BEAST has successfully completed their promotional activities in Japan.

On September 19, a representative from Cube Entertainment said, “On September 16 and 17, BEAST carried out activities in Tokyo and Osaka for an anniversary promotion for its first album ‘So BEAST’. Around 5,000 fans attended’.”

The Japanese fans were screaming as they awaited the boys. The highlight of the promotion was the “Promise Event”.

Each member of BEAST had his own mystery booth. Each fan walked in to meet one on one with a member, not knowing which one they would find. Members handed out bands printed with “BEAST”, and gave a pinky promise to each of the fans.

One fan from Nagoya named Mika expressed, “I was so nervous as I waited outside. As soon as I entered the booth, Doo Joon handed a band to me and tears started welling up. After hearing that he had been sick, I was worried but when I saw his smiling face and saw how the other members cared for each other, I was touched.”

Meeting a member of a boyband face to face. Now that’s what I call an event.

Currently, BEAST’s “So BEAST” is number three on Japan’s Oricon Chart! Congratulations boys!