Brown Eyed Girls’ Teaser Photos Leave Fans Wondering

2011-09-19 08:37:07 2011-09-19 01:37:08

Additional teaser photos for the Brown Eyed Girls’ fourth album have been released on Sept. 19. Through the BEG’s Twitter page, two photos of Gain and Narsha wearing exotic masks were posted, with the words “Resistance” and “Freedom” across it. Their fierce yet mysterious looks have left many fans wondering what exactly their new album concept is going to entail.

Gain exudes a fierce image with her trademark smoky makeup and a leather mask with chains around it. Narsha, on the other hand, shows off her elegance with what looks to be a gold and diamond covered mask. Teaser photos for other BEG members have not been released at the moment.

Gain, meanwhile, also revealed a couple more shots of her in the same mask this morning on her Twitter page. With the caption, “Let’s Fight” and “I’m also scared of that person,” the two photos portray Gain’s mysterious side with her heavy makeup and dark expression on.

The fourth album of BEG will be released on Sept. 23 at midnight. Stay tuned for an exclusive preview of their title song only at Soompi!