CN Blue Holds "2011 CN Blue Asia Tour Blue Storm" in Korea

2011-09-19 07:47:47 2011-09-19 00:47:47

For two days, CN Blue held their first Korean concert, “2011 CN Blue Asia Tour Blue Storm In Seoul” at the Olympic Hall in Olympic Park and captivated fans with their stunning performances.

The group kicked off their concert with “Intuition,” the title track of the album that recorded over 100,000 in sales. They performed songs like “Love Girl,” “Imagination,” “Ready and Go,” and “Lie” live, all of which earned an explosive response from the audience. To better show their live sound to the audience, they brought on an orchestra to play in the back for “Why,” “Don’t Say Goodbye,” and “Love Rides the Rain.”

They also made sure to perform “I Miss You” and “Heartstrings” from the “Heartstrings” OST, celebrating its #1 ranking overseas. Drummer Minhyuk also stepped up as a vocalist by playing the jembe while singing “Star,” showing off his singing skills as well. 

Despite the entire concert being seated, everyone in the audience stood up to cheer for the boys throughout the concert. Not only did Korean fans show up, but also fans from Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand, and even Europe and North America came to watch the boys perform. 

After the concert, the members said, “We were so excited and nervous since it’s our first concert in a while. We were moved to see the place so filled up and we loved hearing the audience sing along with our songs. Thank you so much. We’ll work even harder from now on.” 

CN Blue will be heading over to Japan on September 25 to hold their last concert at the Yokohama arena.