Infinite Unveils Teaser Pictures for Their Repackage Album

2011-09-19 16:48:55 2011-09-19 09:48:56

Yesterday, Infinite revealed through their fancafe, a series of promotions for their first repackaged album which will be released on September 26 and also hinted about the possible sound of their next song as well. The repackage album will include old songs and new songs from the group. Also, the image of the group members will change into a cold and stronger transformation.

The first unveiled teaser picture included two side pictures of member L and today the second teaser picture belongs to Infinite’s leader, SungKyu. The rest of the pictures will be revealed within the week with 5 members left.

After the release of their first full album “Over the Top“, Infinite promoted “Be Mine” as the main track. Now after this repackage promotions which might end up around October or November, the group will be heading to Japan to release their first Japanese single, the Japanese version of “BTD (Before the Dawn)” around November.

Check out the teaser pictures below and be sure to check out for the rest of the pictures!