JYJ Becomes First Idol Group to Endorse a Pharmaceutical Brand

2011-09-19 06:13:37 2011-09-18 23:13:37

JYJ has recently signed on to endorse the painkiller brand Penzal Q, and the first set of promotional shots have just been released. 

According to sources, the trio spent the Chuseok holiday shooting promotional material and filming the CF. An official of the company has stated that, “The 3 members of JYJ went through the shooting of the ads with high levels of passion and enthusiasm.” The full CF will premiere domestically on October 1.

With this announcement, JYJ have become the first idol group to endorse a pharmaceutical company. They were chosen in order to appeal to the company’s target market of women between their 20’s and 40’s.

JYJ’s new album, “IN HEAVEN” has been topping various sales charts even before its formal release. The teaser and full video for “Get Out” are set to be released later today, September 19.

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