Kim Joon Hee Responds to Botox Rumors

2011-09-19 12:38:41 2011-09-19 05:38:41

Kim Joon Hee has recently responded to the ongoing botox rumors.

How did these rumors start in the first place? Well, on September 16, Kim Joon Hee decided to upload a photo of herself on her twitter account. She tweeted, “I have swollen up, my face seems really tight. Aah, I like my swollen face” alongside her picture.

Interested netizens immediately interpreted these pictures in their own way and made several allegations about her getting botox and even spread these rumors through several articles.

However, Kim Joon Hee did not hide herself from the rumors, but decided to confront these. On September 18, she made a strong response through Twitter saying, “Please, only write about the issue of botox if you know something about it. You write that my eyes have not swollen, but if you look closely, they have. Anyway, thank you for giving me plastic surgery through the media.”

Netizens who saw the entire controversy commented, “Just ignore the press,” “Fighting Kim Joon Hee,” and “Don’t worry Joon Hee!”

After debuting as a singer, Kim Joon Hee has done some acting as well in the past. She’s running her own online shopping mall called, “Eva. Junie,” but she’s best known as the ex-wife of former Jinusean member Jinu.