YoonA’s Mature Look for “In Style” Magazine

2011-09-19 20:47:09 2011-09-19 13:47:10

SNSD YoonA, soon after she came back from the SM Town Concerts in Japan, China, France, and U.S.A., had a photo shoot for the fashion magazine, “In Style.” Although she was tired from the concert and the trip coming back, she said, “It’s been so long since I last had my own photo shoot. I want to make it perfect so I can brag about it to the other members.” She was bright and energetic throughout the shoot while she revealed her breathtaking charm once again.

YoonA took photos in a see-though dress and a ruffled lace dress, among others, showing a cute and lovely look to a more mature, fancy look. She is not just an “innocent girl” anymore. She’s shown so much more depth than that – she has fully matured into a woman. Either way, though, she’s still pretty.

From the Tokyo Concert, she must have been very tired and exhausted but she has interviewed that she wants to be on another drama because she hasn’t acted in such a long time. “I am itching to do my next drama!” she said enthusiastically. Lucky for her, she has been cast in the highly anticipated Jang Geun Suk/Yoon Suk Ho drama “Love Rain.”

“Dating? Of course I want to! I want to see movies, eat dduk bokki, walk around holding hands…There will be a day like that for me in the future, right?”