SNSD Jessica, Yuri, Tiffany’s Change Their Styles for Cosmo Photo Shoot

2011-09-19 06:35:25 2011-09-18 23:35:26

SNSD’s JessicaTiffany and Yuri put down their innocent girl image and changed into mature women, showing a “reversed look” on the September issue of the fashion magazine, Cosmopolitan.

In the past Jessica presented herself in many fashion magazines. In this month’s issue she showed a few different concepts. One of the concepts was a more feminine look, where she is wearing a white top with a mysterious stare. Another concept showed a completely different side, presenting a tough “rider” look, where her feminine appeal harmonizes with her strong and steady eyes. 

The following two photos also show two different concepts expressed by Tiffany. In these two contrasting black and white photos Tiffany’s innocent facial features are perfectly featured with her eyes more compelling and steady.

And lastly, Yuri showed a concept of innate sensuality just by her natural pose. She also expressed a mature urban chic look, showing a more rougher and boyish charm. Which of them do you like the most?