Super Star K3 Controversy: The Devil’s Edit

2011-09-19 11:17:49 2011-09-19 04:17:50

The editing/production team of Super Star K3 has gained the reputation of being “Devil Editors” in that they make the show very exciting but also at the same time, they are receiving criticism for editing clips in a way to make the contestants appear in an unfavorable light.

One team contestant “Yerie Band” just left Super Star K3 altogether, accusing Super Star K3 of editing in a way to make them seem like “Trash.” The group’s leader Han Seung Oh stated, “Super Star K3 is giving itself a medal by using words such as ‘Devil’s Edit’ and ‘Exploiting Broadcast’ in order to better themselves while beautifying their editing as “skills” when it is actually manipulative.“

At this, Super Star K3 showed the full video that features Yerie Band and how the conflict that they caused, pushed the band they had to collaborate with to tears.

Originally, “Yerie Band” was planning to hold a press conference, but after the clip was released, they have cancelled the conference.

Check out the video for yourself: