Eat Your Kimchi Reviews JYJ’s "In Heaven"

2011-09-20 03:06:42 2011-09-19 20:06:43

“This week’s Music Monday is the death sad phone cry sad sad sad edition with JYJ’s “In Heaven”.

Simon and Martina loved this song, as the lyrics are moving, and the singing is fantastic. The focus of the song isn’t the beat or the catchy hook, but is for JYJ’s talent in singing.

Unlike many videos, the story of this one makes sense all the way through. They also wanted to stress the importance of being careful while crossing the street in Korea.

Check out their full video review:

Here is the subbed music video for “In Heaven”:

For this week’s poll, they asked which video was sadder: 2AM’s “You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls” or JYJ’s “In Heaven”.