Shinhwa’s Eric Closes His Twitter Account

2011-09-20 08:56:31 2011-09-20 01:56:31

Recently, Shinhwa‘s Eric left some final words on his twitter page regarding the end of his twitter account.

He wrote, “I have decided to stop using twitter. I feel sad already. I’ve had lots of fun contacting my followers
and making new friends which, to me, wasn’t like a star-to-fan relationship. Honestly, I had more fun tweeting
than contacting my members. Some might be glad that I no longer will be tweeting, but I’m sorry to those
who are sharing my sadness due to this news. Like what I had to go through after the time I had to stop using
“Good Diary,” some of the negative opinions and worries directed towards this account will no longer persist,
but I’m surely going to miss twitter that gave me the feeling as if I was texting to close friends…twitter
gave me the chance to contact and read many stories and comments from various people with ease which I haven’t done in a while – due to this fun and fresh experience, I forgot how I’m supposed to set a good example for my followers which is the reason why I ended up not doing my job by always receiving and not giving.”

He continued, “Anyhow, even though this was a relatively short experience, I had so much fun chatting with many people whenever I was bored. These people undeniably revealed some of their hard times and, of course, good times like good friends. Just like how I moved on from Good Diary to Twitter, I hope the same thing happens in the future. I want to send my thanks to Sul Hwa, Mi Ra, Sae Young, Whee Jin, Min Kyung, Oh Bo, Han Na, Mi So, Seung Hee, and various visitors for an awesome time. Good bye.”