Sung Shi Kyung: “Disrespecting Yoon Jong Shin? I feel wronged and upset”

2011-09-20 00:16:55 2011-09-19 17:16:55

Faced with the accusation from netizens that he disrespected singer Yoon Jong Shin, Sung Shi Kyung brought together a group of reporters on September 19 and explained his side of the story and revealed how upset he was at these charges.

On MBC’s ‘Star Audition’, Sung Shi Kyung participated as a judge and critiqued one of the contestants by saying, “The way you end the note is strange. Yoon Jong Shin sings like that. The reason you end notes like that is because you don’t have confidence. You don’t have the lung capacity.” Netizens proceeded to label this as an insult to Yoon Jong Shin and it has become a topic of controversy.

Sung Shi Kyung explained that it was because of the editing that he was portrayed in such a negative light. “I didn’t disrespect him. I called Jong Shin-hyung and explained that that wasn’t what I meant and he also said, ‘how arrogant,’ and laughed it off. We’re close, so we understand each other. But people see the word ‘disrespect’ in the headlines and simply accept it as the truth.  That made me upset and I felt wronged.”

On Yoon Jong Shin’s twitter, he playfully wrote, “I’ve been having a really hard time with my breathing lately…I’m going to go watch ‘Superstar K’.

Perhaps because of his straightforwardness and honesty, Sung Shi Kyung has a disproportionate number of anti-fans and some of the participants were hurt by his words.

Sung Shi Kyung said, “I was hurt after I read comments on the internet. I’m rather fainthearted. Speaking without hesitation may come off as arrogance, but it’s also part of my personality to tell someone that they’re bad if they really are. I also try to be humble but it feels like I’m criticized for that as well.”

“The singer Sung Shi Kyung is happy. I’m happy even now but as a celebrity, it is difficult. I confront things head on, get hurt, and continue learning but I still don’t have the answer.”