After School’s Kahi Looks Hot in a Body Suit

2011-09-21 07:10:31 2011-09-21 00:10:32

After School‘s Kahi recently had a photoshoot that involved the concept of a simple body suit. Regardless of the simple silhouette of the body suits, Kahi’s body line made her look spectacular.

Not looking too superfluous, Kahi showed off her stylish attitude along with a chic pose that made everyone question whether or not she’s really 32 years old.

Along with the photos, Kahi revealed some of her secrets behind her amazing looks during an interview. She told the reporter, “Jogging, biking, yoga, pilates, horseback riding, and other various exercises are things I do consistently to stay in shape.”

An acquaintance of the photoshoot stated, “During the photoshoot, Kahi was able to pose perfectly in any direction while listening to songs by Beyonce.”

You can see this interview through Style Magazine’s “Sure Fit.”