Chocolat’s Tia Reveals Photos from Her Photoshoot with "Lioele"

2011-09-21 11:19:33 2014-05-07 15:55:17

Chocolat‘s Tia, who previously was signed on to her own endorsement deal with make-up brand “Lioele,” has revealed new photos from the set of her photoshoot, just one week into her debut! 

Dolled up in different hair styles and outfits, Tia acted like a professional and pulled off a wide array of poses, even stopping to monitor and discuss concepts with the staff.

“We’re very satisfied with Tia because we feel that we’ve finally found a model that perfectly fits the ‘Cinderella’ concept we’ve been looking for. At 15 years old, she not only has the cute innocence that we need, but also a luxurious and mysterious air to her that is extremely charming. She also understood exactly what we were looking for, so it was a dream to work with her,” officials of “Lioele” said.

Netizens commented, “Such a doll, I can’t help but exclaim in awe over her beauty,” “She’d look absolutely stunning in any concept,” “Looks like she has some talent as a model, looking forward to seeing her grow,” and “Proof that she is the next goddess!”