Jewelry S Releases Digital Single "Ames Room"

2011-09-21 10:32:40 2011-09-21 03:32:41

Jewelry S, a sub-unit group of the original four-member girl group Jewelry, will be the second project as they revealed their digital single “AMES ROOM” through their online site along with the music video.

“AMES ROOM Vol. 2” is composed of Oh Geun Tak’s song (who was the winner of Melon’s “Song Writer Recruitment Project Take #1”), and composer Kim Kun Woo’s “It’s Whatever,” who’s known for composing MC Mong’s “Because I’m a Man” and “So Fresh,” as well as Maybee’s “Fool.”

The title song has been set for “It’s Whatever,” a medium tempo that tells the story of a woman who faces her second heartbreak. The line “I can’t live without you / I can’t breathe, so there’s nothing I can do” in the lyrics speaks out in two different ways where she faces bravely of the breakup, yet shows the heartbreak behind in not being able to accept it. The melody continues in taking a toll onto a brighter end along with the lyrics in representation of showing that the women overcome the pain from love.

Saemi’s appealing vocals alongside Yewon’s emotional voice come together to show Jewelry S’s own color in how a brokenhearted woman facing a break up deals, as they’ll be delivering a new set of emotions this fall for fans.

It is said that the emotional, yet modernized music video was filmed by director Lee Ki Baek who also directed GD&TOP’s “Don’t Go Home,” G-Dragon’s “A Boy,” and Dalshabet’s “Bling Bling.” Word has it that he was able to liven Jewelry S’s clean and pure charms very well.