RaNia Holds Press Conference in Malaysia

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RaNia was invited to be a part of the concert “Suara Kami 2011″ by Astro on September 17 at Stadium Merdeka, Malaysia. Alongside RaNia, other international acts for the day included American pop artist, Nelly, popular Canto pop singer from Hong Kong, Hins Cheung, and an award winning playback singers from India, Naresh Iyer and Chinmayi. Not to forget, an awesome line up from Malaysian local acts such as Stacy, Yuna, Faizal Tahir, Pop Shuvit, Hujan, Azlan and the Typewriter, Altimet, Psychounit Rabbit and Point Blanc were present.

110917 Press Conference

Earlier before the concert started, a press conference was held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, KLCC, and Soompi managed to have an interview session with RaNia. A group of seven members consisting of Semi, Riko, Jooyi, Di, Joy, T-ae and Xia, it RaNia’s first time performing in Malaysia and the girls were excited to be here and perform in front of their Malaysian fans. They also said they were happy to be able to represent Korea and at the same time bring Korean Wave to Malaysia, where it has been growing rapidly nowadays.

110917 Press Conference

RaNia also mentioned that they did not expect to have that many fans here in Malaysia greet them on their arrival. Here’s the Q&A session we had during the press conference:

Q: How does it feel to be able to work with a famous music producer like Teddy Riley?

A: We’re very excited and nervous at the same time. It is our honor to work with Teddy Riley, who has been working with such great artists like Micheal Jackson and Lady Gaga.

Q: To Joy, since you’re from Thailand, is it hard to make yourself fit in to Korean culture, like any language problems?

A: It was very hard to fit in at the first time. I got some help from the other members and they supported me much during my training time.

Q: What does Rania think about Malaysian boys/men? 

A: They are very cool, and they’re tough guys too!

Rania wished Happy Malaysia Day to all Malaysians out there before the press conference ended.

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Photos by Tyra R.