SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong Reveals MV Teaser for "Turn Me On"

2011-09-21 16:28:33 2011-09-21 09:28:34

The last member of SS501, Kim Kyu Jong has finally unveiled his teaser for his upcoming mini album “Turn Me On” which will be released on September 27. The story-line involves Kyu Jong and a woman in a difficult love story.

After the release of his very impressive teaser photos with a completely different style for his mini album, Kyu Jong seems to be ready to impress his fans and make his first mini album to be completely unforgetable. He  participated in all the concept meetings and involved himself in every music arrangements. “Turn Me On” will include five songs, one of them in an acoustic version,

Fans can no longer wait for the full MV! So be sure to stay tunned to Soompi for more updates!


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