T-ara’s Jiyeon is a Sleeping Beauty

2011-09-21 23:28:50 2011-09-21 16:28:51

One of Korea’s popular girl groups T-ara’s Jiyeon has recently revealed a picture of herself sleeping without any make-up on.

On the evening of September 21, Jiyeon twittered, “I sleep and I sleep, but I am still sleepy. Somebody please wake me up” along with the above mentioned photograph.

In the picture, you can see Jiyeon sleeping, while covered up in blankets. You can see her natural, flawless beauty even though she is not wearing any make-up. The most striking features in this picture are her gorgeous, flawless skin and beautiful, long and separated eyelashes.

Amazed netizens praised her natural beauty by commenting, “Your skin just glows” and “This beautiful lady is a sleepyhead.”

Doesn’t she look cute in this picture?