2PM’s Junsu Collaborates with Japanese Singer DOUBLE

2011-09-22 13:44:30 2011-09-22 06:44:30

Fans of 2PM Junsu’s vocal prowess will have another album to anticipate. The vocalist is featured in a track on the comeback album of Japanese R&B singer DOUBLE. “Count 3 feat. Jun.K” credits Junsu’s participation in “WOMAN,” DOUBLE’s first album in two years.

A Japanese news site reported that DOUBLE was attracted to the performances of K-Pop’s “beast idols” and asked to collaborate with its members while preparing for her new album. The deal came through although Junsu and the rest of 2PM had very tight schedules and overlapping activities both in Japan and South Korea. It was reported that Junsu’s schedule only allowed him to record at night to finish the track.

DOUBLE’s “WOMAN” goes on sale on October 5.