SNSD: "We Will Never Split…SNSD Will Be Forever"

2011-09-22 08:13:09 2011-09-22 01:13:10

On KBS “Big Brothers,” which aired on Sept. 21, SNSD’s member Taeyeon expressed, “Even as time goes by, the name ‘SNSD’ will never change and it will always be with us.”

When the MC’s asked if SNSD will ever split, Tiffany answered, “Never.” Yuri continued, “As we get older we may no longer promote, but we will stay forever as nine,” once again emphasising that there will be no break up of SNSD.

The MC’s went onto ask about their relationships and if they were dating anyone. This question was influenced by what Sunny had said on a recent episode of SBS “Strong Heart” about the girls’ relationship status. Tiffany expressed, “Because we all dreamed of becoming singers for so long, we don’t mind not being able to date, and dating is something that can wait.” Taeyeon also expressed her feelings on the matter saying, “Because I know it will be hard to date and that the stress of it will build up on me, I can’t find the strength to start.”

Meanwhile, on this pilot episode of “Big Brothers,” the first guests were SNSD’s Taeyeon, Tiffany, Yuri and Seohyun. The hosts, however, were from a much older generation, including Hwang Seok Young, Jo Young Nam, Song Seung Hwan and Kim Yong Man