First Script-Reading Session for “Man of Honor” Revealed

2011-09-22 00:06:45 2011-09-21 17:06:45

KBS revealed its first script-reading session for upcoming drama “Man of Honor,” to be aired from Oct 12 during the Wed-Thur primetime slot, after “The Princess’ Man” ends. Led by the production team of “Baker King Kim Tak Gu,” consisting of scriptwriter Kang Eun Kyung, directors Lee Jung Sub and Lee Eun Jin, this drama is highly anticipated to repeat the success of the earlier hit drama.

Held on August 10, more than 30 actors and actresses of “Man of Honor” attended its first script reading session, held at the KBS Annex Building’s drama rehearsal room. They included main leads Chun Jung Myung, Park Min Young, Lee Jang Woo, as well as supporting leads Choi Myung Kil, Son Chang Min, Jung Hye Sun, Park Sung Woong, Lee Ki Young, Lee Moon Shik, Choi Ran, Kim Seung Wook, Noh Kyung Joo, Kim Sun Kyung, Jang Young Nam, Kim Sung Oh, Lee Jin, Kim Yeon Joo, and Nam Bora. This 100% attendance rate reflected the enthusiastic unity of the cast, as they introduced their characters one after another, beginning from first lead Chun Jung Myung.

“Man of Honor,” whose Korean title literally means “Young Gwang’s Jae In” is a baseball drama about how main leads Young Gwang (Chun Jung Myung) and Jae In (Park Min Young) overcome personal hardships to succeed in life, and love.