Han Ye Seul Spotted in Los Angeles

2011-09-22 21:07:50 2011-09-22 14:07:51

After a thunderstorm, there is always a rainbow. As the clouds clear and the fog disappears, the sky returns to a sunny baby blue. Similarly actress Han Ye Seul, after having a few troubles of her own, seemed just that way after being spotted in Los Angeles.

On September 12, Han Ye Seul was seen in Koreatown in L.A. at a well-known Korean eatery. With a few friends, she was seen laughing and smiling, a side to her that was difficult to see in Korea.

She seemed very easy-going and free. Because she didn’t know when she’d be able to hang out with her friends again, she spent a great deal of time with them. She wasn’t worried about who might be watching, and had a carefree day.

Even when fans who recognized her on the streets came up to her, she gave them excellent fan service. One female fan, who had a baby with her, asked for a picture, to which Han Ye Seul okay-ed. She autographed some papers and even gave the baby a wave.



For her relaxing day, she went for a casual look. A red plaid shirt matched the V-neck T-shirt she had on underneath. Open toed shoes gave her a summer-lingering look, along with distressed denim jean shorts. She changed her hairstyle too. It is dyed an auburn red, mixed with some hazelnut brown. She looked very comfortable.

On October 27, Han Ye Seul will return to Korea to promote her new movie “Many a Little Romance” with Song Joong Ki.