Jang Dong Gun to Star in "Dangerous Liaisons" with Cecelia Cheung and Zhang Ziyi

2011-09-22 20:24:05 2011-09-22 13:24:06

Actor Jang Dong Gun will be collaborating with China’s top beauties, Cecelia Cheung and Zhang Ziyi

They have been cast in director Heo Jin Ho’s melodrama movie, “Dangerous Liaisons,” and will begin filming in China at the end of this month. Director Heo’s past movies include, “One Fine Spring Day,” “Happiness,” and “A Good Rain Knows.” 

“Dangerous Liaisons” takes place in Shanghai in the 1930s. The entire film will be shot on location in China. It is an adaption of the French novel of the same title, which is about an intense love triangle between one man and two women. The movie “Untold Scandal,” which starred Bae Yong Joon, Jeon Do Yeon and Lee Mi Sook was a Korean adaptation. 

On the other hand, “My Way,” also starring Jang Dong Gun along with Joe Odagiri, Fan Bing Bing and other big stars of Korea, China and Japan, will be released in December.