"Mr. Idol" Releases Theatrical Trailer

2011-09-22 15:39:31 2011-09-22 08:39:32

A new, longer trailer of the K-Pop-themed movie “Mr. Idol” is just out, building up from the glimpse of fictional idol group “Mr. Children” that was released in mid-August.

The new trailer introduces more detail about the other players in “Mr. Idol.” Namely Kim Soo Ro as an entertainment mogul, Sa Hae Moon the Star Music Agency CEO, and Park Ye Jin as former music producer Oh Gu Ju.

“Mr. Idol” revolves around the circumstances of the formation, debut and successes of Mr. Children, composed of leader Lee Yu Jin (Ji Hyun Woo), dancer Jio (Jay Park) vocalist Hyun Yi (Jang Seo Won) and rapper Ricki (Kim Randy). As Oh Gu Ju leads Mr. Children to booming popularity and Sa Hae Moon plots the group’s downfall.

“Mr. Idol” opens in cinemas in October.