Seo Woo Cast for New Weekend Drama "When Tomorrow Comes"

2011-09-22 22:06:35 2011-09-22 15:06:36

Actress Seo Woo is ready to make her small screen comeback, as she’s recently been cast in a new SBS weekend drama, “When Tomorrow Comes,” directed by Jang Yong Woo and written by Kim Jung Soo.

Officials of her agency confirmed her casting on September 22 by revealing, “Seo Woo has been cast for ‘When Tomorrow Comes’ as the role of Go Doo Shim‘s daughter.”

According to officials, the character Seo Woo will be playing is named Eun Chae and she’s described to be someone with a cute and bubbly personality. Considering the past roles she’s taken on, the role should be no problem for Seo Woo to pull off, as she already has the cute looks. 

PD Jang Yong Woo is known for his previous works “Wangcho,” “Hotelier,” and “I’m Happy.” Writer Kim Jung Soo penned the script for works such as “You and I.” “When Tomorrow Comes” will be a story centering around the love and hardships of a mother and daughter. 

Others cast for the drama include Kim Hye Sun, Im Hyung Shik, Lee Kyu Hwan, and Ha Suk Jin. The drama begins airing in October!