Brown Eyed Girls’ Agency, "Mnet Released Our Album Three Hours Early… We Will Take Legal Action"

2011-09-23 18:48:59 2011-09-23 11:49:00

The four member girl group Brown Eyed Girls’ agency revealed that had released Brown Eyed Girls’ new album three hours before scheduled and also announced that they will be taking hard action.

On the 23rd, Brown Eyed Girls’ agency, Nega Networks, shared a phone call with ‘Star News’, revealing the album release incident. Nega Networks explained, “Brown Eyed Girls’ 4th album, ‘Sixth Sense’, was scheduled to be released on the 23rd at midnight and was agreed upon by all music sites. However, Mnet was the only site to have broken that contract and released it three hours beforehand, at 9pm on the 22nd.“ 

They continued, “Because of this early release, people started to download the songs on the album illegally.” They also expressed their concern, “It also made us think that this kind of situation only happened to us because we weren’t part of the ‘big’ music/entertainment agencies.”

Nega Networks announced, “If Mnet does not come up with a reasonable explanation to why this occurred, we will fight back and take legal action.”

In regard to the matter, Mnet revealed that there was an error in the system, and has already apologized to Brown Eyed Girls’ agency.