Kim Sung Joo to Replace Kang Ho Dong on "Star King?"

2011-09-23 12:14:17 2011-09-23 05:14:17

A rumor has surfaced regarding Kang Ho Dong’s departed MC position on SBS Sunday variety “Star King.” The former MC, Kang Ho Dong, whose departure from mainstream television is related to tax problems, will be replaced by MC Kim Sung Joo.

However, producers of the show stated that “the heir of ‘Star King’ is still yet to be determined.” The
main producer, Lee Chang Tae said on September 22 that “Kim Sung Joo is a contender among many” and
went on further to say that “we requested a lot of MC’s to consider this position and that such a speculate claim arose from somewhere is quite perplexing.”

“Star King” will not air new episodes until October 3, since there are already recordings with Kang Ho Dong as the MC and will take up the Sunday time slot until October 1.