Brown Eyed Girls Sweep the Charts with "Sixth Sense"

2011-09-24 23:16:00 2011-09-24 16:16:01

It’s probably not a surprise to fans that have been following the Brown Eyed Girls and their track record, but the girls have created a slamming hit once again, as their fourth studio album come back, “Sixth Sense,” is sweeping the digital music charts!

“As of September 24, the Brown Eyed Girls are currently recording an all-kill on digital music charts like Melon and Bugs,” officials of Nega Network revealed.

They continued, “Aside from the title track, other songs included in the album like ‘Hot Shot’ and ‘Uncomfortable Truth’ are ranking high at the top of the charts.”

For the better part of the month, the charts were taken over by Leessang and ballad comebacks. The Brown Eyed Girls are making their own mark with netizens buzzing over the ladies’ impressive return. 

The high note part near the end of “Sixth Sense” is also gaining quite the attention in itself, with many wondering who sang it. Fans that saw their first come back performance on “Music Core” were able to find that it was actually sung by all three of the group’s vocalists, starting with Jea, moving on to Ga In in the middle, and finally Narsha with a dolphin-like hit at the end.