Han Hye Jin Poses for Ceci Magazine With Puppy

2011-09-24 06:53:07 2011-09-23 23:53:07

Actress Han Hye Jin had a photoshoot with an adorable companion for Ceci’s October issue. The photoshoot was for Ceci’s “I Love Pat” campaign, which Kim Sae Ron participated in as well with her siblings just recently.

Han Hae Jin’s adorable companion was a Chihuahua puppy. She held the puppy in her arms as if she was its owner. The pictures show a happy, eager dog, but Hye Jin with far away looking eyes and perhaps even a sad expression.

A staff member from the photoshoot commented, “It was like Han Hye Jin was the puppy model’s real owner. She poured love to it like it was her own. That’s why this photoshoot was such a success.”

Currently, Han Hye Jin has the duties of emceeing KBS’s “Healing Camp“.

Look at how that puppy looks at her. Adorable!