Infinite’s Hoya Teaser Picture Revealed!

2011-09-24 16:13:17 2011-09-24 09:13:18

Having unveiled five teaser pictures so far and a teaser video, Infinite has revealed today the sixth teaser picture that goes to member Hoya. There’s one more teaser left which will portrayed by member Woo Hyun.

The teasers are part of the repackage album for Infinite which will be out by September 26. So far we saw teaser pictures for members L, leader Sung KyuDong WooSung Jong, Sung Yeol and also the teaser video for “Paradise.”

As we previously mentioned, the image of the group has changed and they all have been transformed into cold and mature men. All Infinite’s fans are beyond satisfied with this change in their image and some agree that they do look thoughful and sexy. The typical cold men.

Check out the teaser picture for Hoya below and be sure to check out for the teaser picture left!