IU Shows Her Support for SoulstaR

2011-09-24 19:39:43 2014-05-07 15:54:38

R&B trio SoulstaR‘s first come back in nearly four years has generated quite the buzz amongst vocalists. Joining the buzz is IU’s sweet picture of support with proof of her purchase of their album. 

Recently, IU updated her Me2day with a photo of herself holding up SoulstaR’s album. Their relationship dates back way back to her debut in that the producer for SoulstaR’s come back album was also the composer behind IU’s debut title track, “Lost Child.” 

IU even visited the recording studio for SoulstaR to show their support, which I’m sure helped to greatly energize the set. Other stars that supported their comebackincluded Lee Jung and Big Mama‘s Lee Ji Young, who’s also the sister to SoulstaR’s Lee Seung Woo

For a bit of background information on the trio, SoulstaR debuted in 2005 and created hits like “Only One for Me,” “I Want to Forget You,” “Eraser,” and “Tragedy.” They also collaborated with Baek Ji Young in 2007 with “When We Break Up.” 

Check out their music video if you haven’t yet!