2AM/2PM Unite – Jo Kwon Guards Jang Woo Young

2011-09-24 02:09:23 2011-09-23 19:09:23

Two members of Korea’s hottest idol groups 2AM and 2PM have recently uploaded a picture of themselves.

On September 24, 2AM’s member Jo Kwon uploaded his selca through his Twitter saying, “Jang Woo Young just bought me dinner and we just got home. The grease of the meat has washed away all bad things from my throat don’t you think? Maybe something of my mind as well…”

2PM’s Jang Woo Young has fallen asleep on the couch. However, Jo Kwon is still awake and sits suspiciously behind the couch, posing in a humorous way.

Netizens were very amused by this picture and commented the following, “Jang Woo Young is sleeping like an angel” “Jo Kwon’s facial expression is dae bak!” and “It is good to see you guys close together.”