Lee Hyori, Seo In Young, Ivy "3 Queen Project" Reactivated

2011-09-24 18:03:37 2011-09-24 11:03:37

News about Lee Hyori, Seo In Young and Ivy working together to form the “3 Queen Project” is gaining increasing attention.  

This project in which Lee Hyori (32), Seo In Young (27) and Ivy (29, real name Park Eun Hye) all release an album and promote at the same time was originally to take place two years ago, but due to a problem with Ivy’s exclusive contract, the project ran aground. 

A representative stated, “Because of Ivy having problems with her company, she could not appear on television and her activities came to a stand still. But now that the problem is resolved, the possibility of a revival of this project is high. Ivy is now known to be carefully preparing to return to the stage. There’s no question that she’ll come back with a bang.”  

2 years ago CJ E&M was to release all three solo singers’ albums and proceed with utmost secrecy. At the time both Lee Hyori and Seo In Young’s albums were distributed under MNET. Ivy agreed to the project and proceeded carefully. 

A CJ E&M representative stated, “the concept at the time was not for all three singers to collaborate on one song, but to have separate songs. Therefore the singers felt less pressure and ultimately have positive responses. It will be the same this time.” It was also hinted that there was internal meetings going on at this time. 

“Seo In Young is planning to distribute her next mini album through CJ E&M. So it won’t be a problem for her to rejoin this project. Ivy and Lee Hyori’s singing abilities are strong, forming a strong project. Hopefully this time around they will also agree to join.” 

Anyone looking forward to this project already?