Lee Min Ho Interviewed by Thousands of Chinese Fans on Weibo

2011-09-24 16:43:10 2011-09-24 09:43:10

Recently, actor Lee Min Ho held an interview with thousands of chinese fans whom left him more than 130,000 questions over weibo in just one hour. Before the interview, he uploaded a picture on his weibo account saying: “It’s been a while. Are you ready? Let’s go!” and then started replying to the most interesting questions from his fans.

He got to answer from simple questions such as: “How are you oppa?,” “Welcome to Shanghai,” ” Minho is ignoring me,” to which he replied sweet answers like “Your korean is pretty good, i’m doing great thank you!,” “Hello Shanghai, your food is delicious,” “No, never! i will never ignore you.” He also answered questions from his recent drama “City Hunter” and shared a funny history that happened to him while recording the drama in which an elephant spat over him.

Despite the several amount of questions, he tried to answer the most questions he could. Lee Minh Ho also wished luck to all his fans who are taking university exams and also recommended places to visit for those Chinese fans interested in traveling to South Korea. He wrapped up the interview saying, “If i could learn Chinese, I would have replied to a hundred of questions but thank you all for participating!” How sweet from Lee Min Ho!