Song Seung Hun Drops "Brain"

2011-09-24 04:44:43 2011-09-23 21:44:44

Just hours after it was reported that Song Seung Hun would be taking on the lead role for the KBS’ drama “Brain,” it has been announced that Song has decided to not take the role after all.

The drama, centering on neurosurgeons in a Seoul university hospital, had recently dropped its established leads Yoon Seung Ah and Lee Sang Yoon for reportedly skewing too youthful to effectively play medical doctors. In turn, the production team had hopes of securing high-profile actor Song Seung Hun for the role that was originally Lee Sang Yoon’s.

Representative from the production team stated that Song Seung Hun declined the drama because he felt that he need not have enough time to prepare for the heavy role of a medical doctor.

As of now, “Brains” is without a cast and is slotted for broadcast in November.

Let’s hope that the production team finds a cast soon. Or we’re going to get more news of stars going-in-and-out of hospitals because of live-shooting.