T-ara’s Eun Jung Shows Off Her Long Hair

2011-09-24 21:45:57 2011-09-24 14:45:58

The beautiful Eun Jung of the female idol group T-ara recently uploaded a gorgeous picture of herself through her own Twitter account.

On the evening of September 24, Eun Jung twittered, “I have straight bangs and long hair!” alongside her picture in which she is showing off her beautiful long wavy locks.

Her long hair gives off a whole other vibe than the short coupe we are used of her, making her look younger.

Amazed netizens complimented her long hair by commenting the following, “Long hair, short hair, everything suits you just perfectly” “You look like a beautiful fall lady” and “You look so beautiful. However, some netizens liked her old short coupe better and said, “It is just my personal opinion, but I think short hair suits you better.”

What do you guys think?