The Unchanging Beauty of Kim Tae Hee

2011-09-24 05:57:31 2011-09-23 22:57:31

Actress Kim Tae Hee‘s unchanged and immaculate appearance has gained the attention of netizens.

On September 21 on a portal site forum was posted a picture of Kim Tae Hee 8 years ago with headline “Kim Tae Hee spotted in a 2003 magazine ad.”

In the picture Kim Tae Hee is modeling for a make up brand she represented at the time. Not much different from her appearance now, Kim Tae Hee’s appearance as expected naturally fixates viewers. Although it is a picture from 8 years prior, there was nothing tacky or outdated about her appearance.

Netizens responded: “She’s exactly the same. Even her high school photo is the same…she’s a goddess.” “This is the first time I fell in love with her.”

Currently Kim Tae Hee is filming for her role in Japanese drama “My Stars 99 Days” with Japanese actor Nishijima Hidaetoshi. It is to start airing in October.