Hangeng Requests Dismissal of SM Ent.’s Appeal Against 2010 Verdict

2011-09-25 08:48:11 2011-09-25 01:48:11

Former Super Junior Member Hangeng and his attorney has filed a request to dismiss SM Entertainment‘s appeal against the previous verdict. 

Hangeng and his attorney first filed for contract termination with SM Entertainment back in 2010 due to his overwhelming schedule which he was forced to comply to due to his alleged “slave contracts.” Back in January 2011, SM Entertainment filed an appeal towards the December 2010 verdict, which was in favor of Hangeng. The verdict stated that Hangeng’s three contracts have no legal effect, freeing him of the contracts

The Seoul Court reported that on September 21st, the court received a request from Hangeng’s attorney, Jipyoung and Jisung, to withdraw SM Entertainment’s appeal. However, the court has not reported any other information on whether or not they accepted Hangeng’s request to end SM Entertainment’s appeal.