Infinite’s Woo Hyun Teaser Picture Revealed

2011-09-25 06:34:08 2011-09-24 23:34:09

Finally the last teaser picture for Infinite‘s repackage album has been revealed!. This is the seventh teaser picture unveiled after the six previous teasers revealed through the week together with a teaser video. So far we have seen teaser pictures for members L, leader Sung KyuDong WooSung JongSung Yeol, Hoya and also the teaser video for “Paradise.”

These teaser pictures and video are part of the repackage album for Infinite which will be released on September 26. Fans are more than happy with this repackage release and can no longer wait for it to come out. 

The whole seven members changed into grown up men, portraying a cold, mature and sexy image. All Infinite’s fans are beyond satisfied with this change and some agree that they do look thoughful and sexy. The typical cold men.

Check out the last teaser picture for member Woo Hyun below and be sure to check out for more updates!