Shin Se Kyung Appears on Infinity Challenge

2011-09-25 20:25:53 2011-09-25 13:25:53

Actress Shin Se Kyung appeared in “Infinity Challenge.”

The episode of “Infinity Challenge” that was aired on September 24 consisted of the Speed special and the Hanamana event special. The Hanamana Special is an event that is held by the members of Infinity Challenge and is very similar to the West Coast Highway Festival. It is an event where they invite a replica or an imitation of their West Coast High Way Festival’s partner(s) to perform their songs.

Leessang’s Gil invited Shin Se Kyung instead of Bada to sing “A Song that Only I Can Sing.” As soon as the members saw her in set, they immediately rushed towards her.

After her demo performance with Gil, Park Myung Soo asked her to show them a dance and as a reply she said, “Only if you heat the atmosphere up.” Hearing this, the members danced prior to Shin Se Kyung’s dancing. As a reply to heating the atmosphere up, she cute and lively danced to “Roly Poly.”  Following on, each of the members’ dance aroused the laughter of the netizens.